Vengeur - Par Feu et Par Flammes CD

Vengeur - Par Feu et Par Flammes CD
Vengeur - Par Feu et Par Flammes CD
Vengeur - Par Feu et Par Flammes CD

Vengeur - Par Feu et Par Flammes CD

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I, Voidhanger Records is proud to present a new and exciting discovery: VENGEUR, the solo project of a young Polish musician named Herman Pańkow.

VENGEUR’s new album, “Par Feu et Par Flammes” follows the publication on Bandcamp of a couple of interesting works that are part of the so-called witch house, a micro-genre of electronic music with strong dark shades and horror vibes. However, VENGEUR stands out from it for a different poetics and a sonic approach vaguely indebted with black metal and centered around the sounds of piano and synths which dig deep into the soul of the listener.

“Par Feu et Par Flammes” is a reflection on religion, sex, love and solitude as seen through the perspective of someone who really feels the weight of existence. Entirely instrumental but accompanied by Herman Pańkow’s long poems, the album works around a set of well-defined melodies that seem to come back cyclically, thus giving cohesion and coherence to a work of dark beauty. It’s a concentration of bitterness, sadness, resignation, sin, abandonment, ecstasy, punishment, boredom, loneliness, lust and torment. In other words, Vengeur’s music is the epitome of the Night, of which it gives us both the romantic charm and the depths of melancholy.

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