Thecodontion and Vessel of Iniquity - The Permian-Trissic Extinction Event CD

Thecodontion and Vessel of Iniquity - The Permian-Trissic Extinction Event CD
Thecodontion and Vessel of Iniquity - The Permian-Trissic Extinction Event CD

Thecodontion and Vessel of Iniquity - The Permian-Trissic Extinction Event CD

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THECODONTION and VESSEL OF INIQUITY join forces in a conceptual split release to tell us about the titular Permian-Triassic extinction event (commonly known as "The Great Dying"), and life emerging anew afterwards. It occurred approximately 251 million years ago and it was Earth's most severe extinction event, during which almost all of the marine species, terrestrial vertebrates and insects became extinct. Theories for its cause range from meteor impacts, volcanic eruptions and climate change, and calamitous occurrences such as basalt volcanic eruptions and ocean acidification are beautifully depicted with abstract forms on the cover artwork, courtesy of Italian artist STRX.
THECODONTION's side explores two different creatures which lived after that catastrophic occurrence, thus during the Triassic period: Thecodontosarus antiquus was a an ancestral relative to sauropods; Procompsognathus triassicus was a small bipedal carnivorous theropod. VESSEL OF INIQUITY's side is sonically destructive, yet it features an evocative and almost poetic description of the inevitable cataclysm that occurred, putting an end to the Permian period and paving the way for new lifeforms during the Triassic.
After the critically acclaimed debut full length "Supercontinent", THECODONTION is back with two tracks (both spawned during the album's recording sessions), in which the band is at its most experimental and intricate musical point thus far. Atmospheric, melodic leads and blistering solos alternate with crushing riffs and relentless blasting.
VESSEL OF INIQUITY's sole member A. White is a master in audial annihilation and ultra-violence in the form of furious drumming and non-stop slab of harsh noise, behind which lies a vortex of sprawling riffs. After two masterpieces such as "Vessel of Iniquity" and "Void of Infinite Horror", this entity is certainly not holding back regarding musical extremity.

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