The Scourge - Warrant for Execution CD

The Scourge - Warrant for Execution CD
The Scourge - Warrant for Execution CD
The Scourge - Warrant for Execution CD
The Scourge - Warrant for Execution CD

The Scourge - Warrant for Execution CD

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“ The Scourge have a ‘Warrant for Execution’ and they’re serving it in the form of their first full-length album. The Texas thrash trio wear their influences—Rigor Mortis, Flotsam and Jetsam, Wrathchild America—on their sleeve, sticking to hyperactive, bouncy thrash with the goal of inducing whiplash.”
- Decibel Magazine

"Track after track burning brightly in a field of hyper active rhythm and bountiful hooks. The Scourge are the reapers and their blades are sharpened and ready to cut. Enjoy it for what it is, a hefty slab of old-school thrash poured through a sieve to leave the best and juiciest parts behind."
- Games, Brrraaains, and a Headbanging Life

"On the surface, this hones in on songs written with a speed metal backbone. But once you brush away the first layer, you’ll find that there’s a lot more to it than that."
- Indy Metal Vault

“Warrant for Execution is on one hand a lot of fun, perhaps sending listeners back to their youth with some nostalgic elements across the tracks. However, The Scourge have cast their net wide to shape their own sound. Fans of classic thrash definitely have a lot to shout about with this release, but with that said there is also something here that makes the album stand out from other throwback-esque acts. It is absolutely not easy to create such a stand out release when working with an already well explored genre, however The Scourge have absolutely smashed it with Warrant for Execution and listeners might find themselves surprised with a listen.” Score: 9/10

"I guess, what captivated me with "Warrant for Execution" was the rawness and intensity. It's perfectly balanced offering an appealing draw for both punks and metal heads. There are solos, breakneck mosh parts, and is all interlaced to provide a truly unforgettable mosh album. I challenge you not to stand still when listening to The Scourge . I can definitely state, Warrant for Execution inspires you to mosh until the sweat pours out from your body with glistening rainfalls to quench the earth with the power of mosh!
The Mosh Nerd Republic rating system, is ummm, a work in progress, but my buddy Shang Tsung from bingo club can sum up Warrant for Execution with his words of wisdom; 'Flawless victory'.
- Metal Nerd Republic

"Between the albums delicate balance and masterful combination of a slew of styles (namely hard rock, NWOBHM, Southern groove and thrash among others) there lies utter undeniable brilliance. Swift pace cavorts hand in hand with melodies which would otherwise seem foreign, though somehow The Scourge have managed to syndicate the two much like PB n Jelly (who woulda’ thunk it?) and then topped the concoction off with stunning musicianship, creative genius and a vocalist whose skills I can’t believe haven’t been discovered and utilized up until this point. Naturally there are tracks which will appeal more to thrash fans and others more so to fans of vintage metal, more specifically NWOBHM, though overall the meshing and molding of the styles is exquisite bearing a fluidity which is erratic and rarely witnessed across the metal cosmos. Don’t let your friends tell you about this, be the first on the block to preach!!"

"Warrant for Execution’ has the potential to cause serious neck pain. The Scourge releases a debut that builds on some oldschool metal, played in a modern fashion and equipped with a great sound. The Scourge could become for Thrash Metal what Night Demon stands for when it comes to Heavy Metal. Horns up."
- Markus' Heavy Music Blog

Hailing from Houston, TX, The Scourge was formed as a quartet in 2012 featuring Andrew Atwood (gtr/vox), Alex Erhardt (drums), Johnny Laird (gtr), and Garrick Smith (bass). The band's goal was to create dynamic thrash metal in the vein of many late 80's and early 90's greats that they grew up listening to such as Rigor Mortis, Rage, Wrathchild America, and Flotsam and Jetsam to name a few. After releasing an EP called Fist Comes Destruction in 2014, Johnny Laird left the band and The Scourge became and stayed a power trio.

Around that same time, Andrew and Garrick were asked to join heavy metal mainstays, Helstar. With Helstar's show and festival schedule filling up, it forced The Scourge to delay the writing and recording of their debut, but today we are happy to announce the release of their first full length record, Warrant For Execution. The bands debut features a range of short and to the point neck-wreckers alongside longer and more technical pieces.

released October 25, 2019

The Scourge is:
Andrew Atwood- Guitars, Keyboards and Lead Vocals
Alex Erhardt- Drums
Garrick Smith- Bass and Vocals

All music written and arranged by The Scourge
All lyrics written by Andrew Atwood

Mixed and Mastered by Damian Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studios, McLean, VA
Drums and Rhythm Guitars recorded at Celebrity Sound, Houston, TX
Engineered by Daniel Campos and Alex Erhardt
Guitars and Vocals, Bass reamping and Lead Guitar reamping tracked at Hombre Malo Studios in Pearland, TX
Engineered by Larry Barragan
Bass Guitars and Keyboards tracked at Caliente y Pesado Studios, Houston, TX
Rhythm Guitars reamped at Southwing Audio, Spring TX
Engineered by Craig Douglas
Artwork and Layout by Diablo Macabre
Logo by Christopher Horst
Additional backing vocals by Larry Barragan and Ryan "Venom" Salazar
Spoken intro in "Mayhem Tonight" by Summer Hill

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