Skullcrush - Visions Of The Firestorm Eclipse CD

Skullcrush - Visions Of The Firestorm Eclipse CD
Skullcrush - Visions Of The Firestorm Eclipse CD

Skullcrush - Visions Of The Firestorm Eclipse CD

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'Well if you like your death metal to sound like Incantation crossed with Bolt Thrower and Human Waste-era Suffocation (and a touch of Karelian Isthmus-era Amorphis), then we have a real treat for you on July 6. On that day, Skullcrush will unleash Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse, an unrelenting and thoroughly satisfying blast of straightforward death metal'
- Decibel Magazine'There isn’t a track within this offering that is filler as what you get are four straight tracks of eviscerating death. Each of the four tracks are a wonderfully crafted onslaught of death that grip you right from the get go never to let you go until you have properly been mutilated and disposed of.'
- Cadaver Garden

'All the songs benefit from a powerful sound, from a drummer who seems to find just the right fills and rhythmic shifts to suit each facet of each song (including bursts of hardcore-punk scampering and brawling), and a vocalist whose heartless roars and skin-splittng shrieks channel rage and wretchedness in particularly ghastly fashion. But they also benefit from the insertion of emotionally evocative melodies and the use of varying methods of achieving devastation.'
- No Clean Singing

'It was a thrill to hear an assuredly new project appear with a solid set of influences and quickly prove their capability in delivering upon all of them. With some greater vision for a ‘sound’ that helps meld those mid-paced and brutally thrashed influences, I think Skullcrush are more than ‘onto something great’. Death metal tape heads will love this and count me among them.' - Grizzly Butts

'Seriously, try not to headbang to the opening riff on “Spectacle of Suffering”, I fucking dare you. This opening track alone has enough weight to sink Florida (but please don’t, some of my favorite bands are from there). Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse is utterly riddled with these kinds of quality riffs, ranging from speedy shredders to lumbering ground-and-pounds.'
- Indy Metal Vault

'Full of sinister vibes and filthy guitars, these tracks are well-written and packed with malevolent appeal. The music features just the right combination of macabre brutality and malignant atmosphere, making for songs that provide both instant gratification and a longer-lasting satiety.'
- Wonderbox Metal

'A really solid debut from Skullcrush. A varied album that shows a lot of promise for what is to come from the band. Underground death metal candy that I devour with ease and I am sure many underground fanatics will too.'
- The Metal Gamer

'It is fair to say that Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse is an attention-grabbing and increasingly impressing first listen to Skullcrush with the potential within its four hostilities as intriguing and exciting as the tracks themselves. It is not for the weak hearted or for those with a nervous disposition, in fact it is a toxicity all should fear but eagerly embrace.'
- Ringmaster Reviews

'If you like your death metal in the form of Bolt Thrower crossed with the evil atmospheres of Immolation, then Skullcrush is the stuff for you.'
- The Killchain

John Nigbur - Guitars, Vocals
Tony Dunn - Guitars
Rich Melling - Bass
Alex Brown - Drums

Originally released digitally and on cassette on July 6, 2018 via Camp Pants Records ( )

All music & lyrics by Skullcrush
Recorded and Mixed by Jeff Owens
Mastered by Darian Rosales
Cover Art and Photos by Tanner Conrad

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