Schizophrenia - Voices CD

Schizophrenia - Voices CD
Schizophrenia - Voices CD

Schizophrenia - Voices CD

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"From Belgium came SCHIZOPHRENIA with the debut EP “Voices,” just less than 20 minutes of deadly Death/Thrash Metal with a technical flair. The technicality added moving pieces to this brutal EP that was made by the sick, for the sick." 8/10
- Metal Temple

"If you name yourself after a SEPULTURA classic , then you actually have the damned duty to pay homage to this Thrash legend somehow. And that's exactly what SCHIZOPHRENIA do with some really fine ideas, especially at the beginning of the songs. Otherwise you can actually get to the heart of the boys' music in a very uncomplicated way. Cool riff volleys, good tempo changes, the vocals are wonderfully nagged and the songs generally please with a lot of pressure on the kettle. Freshness, hardness and carefree mix here to create a really tasty whole."

"It is a very rare occurrence when a band from seemingly out of nowhere manages to not only grab my attention, but dominate it for the better part of a few months. Belgium's Schizophrenia does just that with their debut EP, Voices."
- Metal Bite

"SCHIZOPHRENIA have a great feeling for the good old school metal. Just take the sound which reminds me of echoes of abandoned catacombs, it is unbelievable. There is also a big portion of enthusiasm for the last things of man, ashy sharp feeling of fast maniac thrash metal and the cover has a great style. If you like the old manners in metal, which I proudly do, you can shake your bony hands with excitement. Obviously, you have to understand similar music and you have to feel the need to open coffins of the old metal ancestors. "Voices" is a great thrash death metal album from the good old days which will shine through every fan of this style. Excellent!"
- Deadly Storm Zine

"SCHIZOPHRENIA have harnessed all the elements of classic thrash metal which brought it such acclaim in its hay day and have given it a polished, razor sharp edge which is going to have the old faithful and a flock of newcomers clambering to get a piece of the action."
- Distorted Sound Mag

"This EP is the first big Thrash surprise of the year. As an in-house production, she easily pockets the majority of the bands with a deal. I wish the Thrash fans and the band that they keep the energy level and push an album of this quality. I would like to see the boys live."
- Twilight Magazin

"High-adrenaline Death Metal with grooving mid-tempo elements accompanied by guitar solo virtuosity and ferocious vocals. Schizophrenia displays a broad variety of what Extreme Metal has to offer and with their upcoming EP “Voices” the noose around your neck will tighten up track after track! Being already an early Death Metal highlight of 2020 for everyone into Demolition Hammer, Morbid Angel, old Sepultura and alike, “Voices” will see the light of day"
- Grande Rock

"The recipe of the song structure remains quite similar throughout all of the five tracks – fast and Thrashy intro followed by an insanely speedy verse and quite a catchy chorus, nuanced with a solo on every track. Although this might seem to be repetitive – it is not the song structure that is necessary on this EP but the energy that is transmitted. Just like the music that coined the transition from speedy to ferocious, the energetic and fast playstile was what mattered most and this is also what can be found on Schizophrenia‘s EP. If you are into wild mixtures of Death and Thrash Metal that explode full of energy – this release will be an exellent start into the year."
- Transcended Music Blog

" 'Voices' is a five-track EP delivering for about twenty minutes an old-fashioned Death / Thrash evoking as much the Sepultura of the good time as bands like Demolition Hammer, Epidemic or Solstice. With the help of a modern and balanced production which has the good taste not to make boxes of it and to let each instrument breathe"
- Thrashocore

Brutal Death Thrash Metal with grooving mid-tempo elements accompanied by guitar solo virtuosity and ferocious vocals. SCHIZOPHRENIA display a broad variety of what Extreme Metal has to offer. Their highly acclaimed 'Voices' EP will tighten up the noose around your neck track after track!

For fans of Demolition Hammer, Slayer, Morbid Angel, Death, Sepultura, Dark Angel…

released January 31, 2020

Schizophrenia is:
Ricky Mandozzi | Bass, Vocals
Lorenzo Vissol | Drums
Marty Van Kerckhoven | Lead Guitar
Romeo Promos Promopoulos | Rhythm Guitar

All Music And Lyrics Written by Schizophrenia
Artwork by Roberto Toderico Visual Arts
Logo modification by Mario Lopez and Nestor Carrera
Layout - Nestor Carrera
Management – Mirror AM

Photography by Gadinalsmedia, Lonely Alien
Produced by Bert Vervoort & Schizophrenia
Recorded by Bert Vervoort, assisted by Yarne Heylen.
Mixed by Bert Vervoort, Yarne Heylen
Mastered at Y-PRODUCTIONS by Yarne Heylen.
Guest, Backing Vocals on 'Perpetual Perdition' by Andrea Vissol
Backing Vocals Recorded by David-Alexandre Parquier

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