Sanity Control - Demo 2019 MC

Sanity Control - Demo 2019 MC

Sanity Control - Demo 2019 MC

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"Take the punky slur and aggressive drive of Cryptic Slaughter, Attitude Adjustment's hardcore ‘tude, and a healthy injection of ripping thrashy riffage...Our populace rejoices in the face of a rising force in crossover excellence. If you've got (quite exactly) five minutes of free time, Sanity Control comes highly recommended. "
- Sleeping Village Reviews"A little bit hardcore but quite a bit thrash, Demo 2019 is rough and raw, exactly how this kind of music should be... Exciting stuff, the little bursts of energy are the best moments but there is some serious promise shown here by Sanity Control."
- Games, Braaaiiins, and a Head-banging Life

"They are a mixed bag of old school Thrash Metal and the New Wave of Thrash Metal we have gotten in the last decade or so by bands like MUNICIPAL WASTE, HAVOK, IRON REAGAN amongst countless others. You can hear the influences of bands like OVERKILL, KREATOR and ANTHRAX but you have that edge of those newer bands. Those bands really gave the genre a second life in a sense because the genre was getting stale and older bands were releasing countless albums that were not original at all. Nothing groundbreaking, still a pleasant and enjoyable EP. I would have liked a longer release but I can a few months for a first full-length album!"
- Metal Temple

"Sanity Control are honest to goodness dirtballs who only care about playing fast and fun. Lets fucking do this."
- Tape Wyrm

"If you're into neck-breaking thrash with a dose of speed, this two-tracker will no doubt impress. Specializing in fantastic riffs, the lads are obviously superb musicians as the music is delivered tightly and with loads of energy. Love the old school gruff vocals too. Four minutes of primo thrash in the vein of The Crown here. "
- The Mighty Decibel

"We’ve got some underground crossover from Poland for ya and holy shit, Sanity Control has got the bite to match their bark!!!! With just two songs, Sanity Control doesn’t have time to front; they’re just here to give you a nice kick in the genitals and disappear back from whence they came. In under five minutes, make it painfully clear that they came to fuck shit up — nothing more, nothing less."
- Indy Metal Vault

"Sanity Control rules and shows that Poland can do more than just death metal. The demo features two fast as hell songs that are influenced by crossover and hardcore as well as thrash. Keep on going guys as heavy music needs more bands like you."
- This Noise is Ours

"From the ultra fast riffs to a stomp worthy rhythm and a heavy dosage of punk/hardcore flavor, Sanity Control‘s Demo 2019 leaves listeners yearning for more than two songs."
- SkullsNBones

Sanity Control is a Crossover/ Thrash Metal band that formed in Warsaw, Poland. They pay homage to classic Thrash Metal bands while blending it with a distorted and aggressive hardcore/ punk sound like the great Crossover bands before them - DRI, Crumbsuckers, and Cryptic Slaugter. Their lyrics cover various social issues and carry a very hardcore/punk attitude. Seeing Red Records are proud to introduce Sanity Control to the world!

released June 21, 2019

Recorded and mixed at Lazy Sounday Studio, January 2019
Artwork by Raf Wechterowicz (

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