Pyre - Human Hecatomb CD

Pyre - Human Hecatomb CD
Pyre - Human Hecatomb CD
Pyre - Human Hecatomb CD
Pyre - Human Hecatomb CD
Pyre - Human Hecatomb CD

Pyre - Human Hecatomb CD

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"The album is an exercise of well-tempered death metal, that is at once caustic and mesmerizing. The songs are catchy, crusty, even imbued with doomy and melodic bits and include influences of bands such as Asphyx, Dismember, Comecon, Morgoth, even Death and Edge of Sanity."
- Bravewords & Bloody Knuckles

"Sonically, this track is a pretty standard portrayal of death metal and crust punk, but the songwriting and performance are just too awesome to disregard. The band has guts; there's no debating that! It's like they've somehow managed to indulge in some musical nostalgia while actually conjuring the excitement I get from listening to bands that were kingpins in the era of music that so obviously influences Pyre."
- The Needle Drop

" If you ever wanted a more violent sounding Dismember circa the Like An Ever Flowing Stream/Pieces era (along with a touch of thrashiness), then this is for you. "

"You’ll find that Pyre puts more stock in the heavy mid-paced stomp than Dismember or Unleashed did. In classic albums like Where No Life Dwells, those bangers were held in reserve and unleashed sparingly. When they did pop up, they packed a serious punch. Here, they’re pretty much everywhere. While some of that novelty is lost in the glut, the riffs are so well-designed that it’s essentially a non-issue. When you hear the ones in “Flesh to Poles” and “Cursed Bloodline,” you’ll scowl, nod in appreciation of adept riffcraft, and wish they lasted forever. There’s still plenty of tremoloblasting and doomy, Autopsy-borrowed dirges to balance them out, often overlaid with the reverbed-out, slithering-entrail leads reminiscent of fellow revivalists Repugnant.
Dym Nox’s vocals are just what the doctor ordered, generally switching off between channeling the aforementioned Van Drunen and a more deranged, phlegm-spewing Chris Reifert. His voice is an effective vehicle for the delivery of those catchy old-school choruses directly to your brain, to which they’re bound to cling like a viscus slime. “Merciless Disease,” “We Came to Spill Thy Blood,” and “Disturbia” take you back to a simpler time, when you could buy a candy bar for a quarter and death metal choruses were just the song title growled repeatedly over a filthy riff."\
- Toilet ov Hell

Human Hecatomb (tracks 1-9) was recorded at Sic Sound / Hiboll Studio St. Petersburg, Russia, March 2014.
Produced by Pyre, engineered by Kostek Dolganov, mixed by Kostek Dolganov and Pyre, April 2014.
Mastering at Enormous Door Mastering. All Music and Arrangements by Pyre.Front Cover Art by Phillip Shipilov in 197
Inner Artworks by Sergey Serebrov, Dara Kaos, and M.Kreator
Photo by Helga York
Layout and design by Dara Kaos and Thomas Haywood

*Tracks 10-13 Taken from Demo Tape
Recorded at Hiboll Studio, St. Petersburg, Russia, February 2013
Mixed and mastered by Kostek Dolganov at Hiboll Studio
**Track 14 “Nocturnal Hell” written by Hewson and Sadler,
and appeared on Slaughter - Strappado , Copyright Diabolic Force 1987
Recorded at Hiboll Studio, April 2012
Mixed and mastered by Kostek Dolganov at Hiboll Studio

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