Morbid Breath - In the Hand of the Reaper CD

Morbid Breath - In the Hand of the Reaper CD
Morbid Breath - In the Hand of the Reaper CD

Morbid Breath - In the Hand of the Reaper CD

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Morbid Breath emerged in late summer of 2020 as a studio project by guitarist Stefan Carrillo to pay homage to early thrash metal legends Slayer. By the end of summer, the project began to take shape and forge it's own path once Marcus Eriksson (bass/vox), David Gustafsson (Drums) and Felix Klaesson (lead guitar) joined. The band began instantly writing new material and released their first single entitled, Hellbringer, on Halloween of the same year.

After spending the entire autumn in the rehearsal space, the four-piece entered the studio in December together with longtime friend Timmy Ternestål to begin the recording of their upcoming debut EP, In the Hand of the Reaper, which Redefining Darkness is excited to share with the Metal world this May.

The band's debut EP sounds like it could have come straight off a mix cassette tape in an 80's tape trade. Morbid Breath's approach takes it's cues from many of the usually suspects and does a great job of merging early Metallica, Slayer, and Venom with a bit of the Teutonic Thrash of Kreator and Sodom. In the Hand of the Reaper oozes authenticity and is a solid promise of what is to come in the future from this 4 piece!

Morbid Breath is:
Marcus Eriksson – Bass/Vox
Stefan Carrillo – Rhythm Guitar
Felix Klaesson – Lead Guitar
David Gustafsson – Drums

Recorded by Timmy Ternestål
Mixed and Mastered by Timmy Ternestål
Photo taken by
Artwork by Hellish Maggot

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