Marius Danielsen - Legend of Valley Doom - Part 3 2LP

Marius Danielsen - Legend of Valley Doom - Part 3 2LP

Marius Danielsen - Legend of Valley Doom - Part 3 2LP

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The story of Valley Doom continues, and the epic conclusion to the trilogy will soon be in your possession. Legend of Valley Doom Part 3 comes out on March 19th, 2021. Available on CD, Double Gatefold LP, and digital formats.

Follow our heroes’ journey as they search for magic weapons, battle foul beasts, and discover new lands. Only when the Seven Ancient Artefacts are united, they will have the power to bring down the Dark Lord and end his reign of terror. Will the people of Valley Doom ever find peace? A dangerous road of sorrow and pain lies ahead.

“Darkened days and darkened nights. A world in terror, no end in sight The Ancient God still showed some light. In these darkened days and darkened nights.”

Musicians: Vocals: * John Rhys-Davies – Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones * Ralf Scheepers – Primal Fear, ex-Gamma Ray * Olaf Hayer – Luca Turilli, Symphonity * Herbie Langhans – Avantasia, ex-Seventh Avenue, Firewind * Daniel Heiman – ex-Lost Horizon * Alessandro Conti – LT’s Rhapsody, Trick or Treat * Tommy Johansson – Sabaton, Majestica * Alessio Garavello – ex-Power Quest, A New Tomorrow * Tim “Ripper” Owens – ex-Judas Priest * Jonas Heidgert – Dragonland * Mathias Blad – Falconer * Elisa Martin – ex-Dark Moor, ex-Fairyland * Bernt Fjellestad – Guardians of Time * Marco Pastorino – Temperance, ex-Secret Sphere * Melissa Bonny – Ad Infinitum, Rage of Light * Raphael Mendes – * Arnaud Ménard – Alkemyst * Mikael Holst – Timeless Miracle * John Yelland – Judicator * Brandon Bordman – The Grand Myth * George Tsalikis – * Peter Danielsen – Darkest Sins, Eunomia * Anniken Rasmussen – Darkest Sins * Marius Danielsen – Darkest Sins

Guitars: * Richard Fortus – Guns N’ Roses * Jennifer Batten – Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck * Arjen Lucassen – Ayreon * Ronni Le Tekrø – TNT * Tommy Johansson – Sabaton, Majestica * Bill Hudson – Doro, NorthTale * Jimmy Hedlund – Falconer * Timo Somers – Delain * Dushan Petrossi – Magic Kingdom, Iron Mask * Samuel Lundström – Veonity * Christian Münzer – Eternity’s End * Tim Hansen – Induction * Fredrik E. Enochson – Palantír * Robin Malm – Vanquisher * Daniel Carpenter – Celestivl * Sigurd Kårstad – Darkest Sins * Ketil Strand – * Marius Danielsen – Darkest Sins

Bass: * Bjørn Helge Lervåg – Horizon Project

Keyboards: * Derek Sherinian – ex-Dream Theater, Kiss, Alice Cooper * Peter Danielsen – Darkest Sins, Eunomia

Narration: * John Rhys-Davies – Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones * Roger Watson –

Drums: * Ludvig Pedersen – Darkest Sins

Choirs: * Marco Pastorino – Temperance, ex-Secret Sphere * Ty Christian – Lords of the Trident * Marius Danielsen – Darkest Sins * Peter Danielsen – Darkest Sins, Eunomia

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