Grave Bathers - Feathered Serpent | Death Hand EP

Grave Bathers - Feathered Serpent | Death Hand EP
Grave Bathers - Feathered Serpent | Death Hand EP
Grave Bathers - Feathered Serpent | Death Hand EP

Grave Bathers - Feathered Serpent | Death Hand EP

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"Upon first blush, I thought GRAVE BATHERS might be some kind of caustic death-doom outfit (not that I dislike that sort of thing), but then I hit play on their new spin and wowsers did that classic doom and early stoner vibe grab me....Man can these guys jam, too! The Grave Bather’s debut is just two tracks: 'Feathered Serpent/Death Hand’ (2020), but they’re both quite beefy, generating the net effect of making you want to simultaneously bang your head and shake your money maker. "
- Doomed & Stoned

"Dripping in hazy psychedelic rock atmosphere with riffs weighted in doom, Grave Bathers bring sleazy and sexy encouragement with their two-track release. The slow moving rhythm has the feel of the eldrtitch about it and it’s very easy to conjure up imagery of rituals of witchcraft and devil worshipping."

"GRAVE BATHER’s EP is the epitome of Doom Metal, and resembles every corner of the atmosphere through their clouded movements. Although the band had some weak spots in its execution through “Death Hand,” primarily at the start of the focus, the EP deserves a listen through the graveyard."
- Metal Temple

"Epic riffs, piercing Robert Plant vocals, tales of outlaws and bloodshed, all above some truly gorgeous bass work. Feathered Serpent is a slick yet psychedelic affair, switching from a stoned opening motif to a furious blues jam and back again with all the slithering grace of, well, a feathered serpent."
- The Sleeping Shaman

"Grave Bathers can be placed in the space between doom rock and doom metal ... call it proto-doom metal, with a touch of acid-infected psychedelia added for good measure. The bass work here rules, by the way. Fun stuff."
- The Mighty Decibel

"We all grew up on The Mars Volta and Thin Lizzy alike, and continue to nerd out over music history, compilation albums and 70s hard rock style. We are constantly sharing playlists with one another, studying mythology, and most importantly, we all drop acid and worship the devil."
- Grave Bathers

The band really began after a shared motorcycle ride when vocalist Drew Robinson moved from Brooklyn to Philly into Bassist Davis M. Shubs' Cadaver Club Funeral Parlor on a whim, with the sole purpose to create this band - It was like fucking magic. They shared books, studied cinema, and wrote an entire album with the band between the Parlor and the studio. Guitarist Jaret 'Paisley Papi' Salvat-Rivera and Davis have been making music together for more than half of a decade long friendship, and 'Stoner Steve' Capitano is a fucking warlock who never puts down his guitar (Davis once had a side project with Steve making 70s porno music called ‘Sexecutioners’ with original Grave Bathers’ drummer Barret May where they all wore gimp masks). The final puzzle piece, Cliff Albert, fucking rips pinball and shreds the drums like an octopus.

released February 28, 2020

Drew Robinson : Vocals
Jaret Salvat-Rivera : Guitar
Steve Capitanio : Guitar
Davis M. Shubs : Bass
Cliff Albert : Drums

All songs written by Grave Bathers
Produced by Davis M. Shubs
Mixed & Mastered by David Skovron and Davis M. Shubs at the
Cadaver Club, Philadelphia, PA
Cover Art by Brouemaster
Photo by Joshua Christie

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