Deathbell - With the Beyond CD

Deathbell - With the Beyond CD

Deathbell - With the Beyond CD

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Deathbell is a four piece female fronted doom band from France that create a massively heavy fuzz coupled by a hazy atmosphere which transcends the listener's mind to another plateau. With The Beyond focuses on the passing between the living world and beyond through haunting vocals and hypnotic rhythms with lyrics ranging from witchcraft to more introspective trips. Deathbell comes from that of a flower which, once consumed, gives you the ability to see all.

"Holy goat! Doom is back, baby! I don’t mean an adulterated mix of doomed this or that, I’m talking the real thing: slow, low, and damning. Meet DEATHBELL, a fantastic fem-fronted foursome from France! Toulouse, to be exact. How many ways can I say this? I LOVE THIS BAND…. For fans of Cough, Windhand, and those in similar vein."
- Doom Charts, #4 March 2018

"The tone of the album is very atmospheric and spacious rather than the typical onslaught of sludge. Combine the thick bass and dark percussion and you have yourself one heavy beast of an album. The guitars have this weightless psychedelic vibe that is crushing, yet beautiful. The splashes of trippy synth work that shows up time to time really helps accentuate their psychedelic aura. With The Beyond has been dominating our rotation in recent weeks as their brand of psych doom is all-out absorbing and fresh. In our eyes they are already on par with acts like Acid King or Pallbearer to name a few."
- Rotation 11 - ALBUM OF THE MONTH - April 2018

"Just arriving from nowhere, Deathbell sets the bar very high with their first album. We didn’t see that coming, and it was an excellent surprise. Blasting an immersive doom, they take you in another world during 6 beautiful tracks. Combining some riffage parts with some very contemplative measures, they keep the same heaviness and power. Based on the mesmerizing riffs, their music goes further and put a loud atmosphere, thanks to bass, drums, and keys. And what can we add to that perfect combo? Some incantations from Lauren, vocalist of the band. Prepare your ceremony cape, tonight, we meet the devil."
- More Fuzz

"...they sound like they're serious, and actually wrote songs with considerations for things like composition, dynamics, and conceptuality, as opposed to a bunch of stoned dude-bros jamming out and singing about voodoo women and space travel."
- Opium Hum

" The dirge of crawling, titanic riffs carve through this plane of existence and into the next, letting you slip through the crack between realms and see beyond the veil of death. In this murky, shadowy domain you will lose yourself, dissolve into a mist, and become one with the essence of the void. Songs are slow and fucking heavy, just the way doom metal should be, but also have all these memorable, catchy hooks that you just GIVE yourself to. Every note seems to produce this aural smoke that just hangs in the air until it bleeds into you. A ghostly voice sings out, and because you are now formless and wavering in the dark, its eerie tone is the only thing that you're able to latch on to as the music throws you around in the black."
- Super Dank Metal Jams

"... my god this album has it all, heavy riffs, monolithic drums, cathedral organs and vocals that’ll put you into a meditative state."
- Mammoth Tongue

released May 18, 2018

Lauren Gaynor - vocals & keys
Bastien Commelongue - guitars & keys
Valentin Troï - bass
Robin Draye - drums

Recorded live & mixed in August 2017 with Jeremie Mazan
at Studio La Vache, Lapeyrouse Fossat, France
Mastered by Justin Weis
at TRAKWORX Studio, San Francisco, USA
Lyrics by Lauren and Bastien
Artwork, Photo & Video by Bastien

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