Atomic Witch - Void Curse MC

Atomic Witch - Void Curse MC
Atomic Witch - Void Curse MC
Atomic Witch - Void Curse MC
Atomic Witch - Void Curse MC

Atomic Witch - Void Curse MC

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"The long-time disciples of the Cleveland metal and hardcore scene who formed Atomic Witch picked a good band name for their new musical endeavors. Their debut EP Void Curse couples the wild radioactive energy of a runaway nuclear meltdown with the weird and witchy feeling of a supernatural orgy. Together, the EP’s four tracks are supercharged with furious, pulse-pounding energy, head-spinning instrumental changes, and unhinged vocal intensity. The genre-bending EP creates a maniacal atmosphere, whole-heartedly indulging in a musical blood-spraying riot from beginning to end."
- No Clean Singing

" Void Curse is definitely a worthy investment. No holds barred, fully loaded, and primed. An excellent, thoroughly enjoyable EP, and I look forward to the next Atomic Witch release.
So, you know what to do, support the band and mosh!"
- Mosh Nerd Republic

"Anyway, by the time nobody in particular finished picking the shotgun pellets out of his buttocks, we were able to sink our teeth into this four track EP and lord almighty, it’s nasty. This is not the shiny melodic thrash that sells records and gets support slots with Anthrax, it’s a bad-tempered, spittle-flecked bastard. It’s heavy enough to verge on death and black metal at times, but also under-produced and bursting with energy. Think early Kreator or Possessed and you’ll be in the right ball park."
- Uber Rock

"Atomic Witch are a band fresh off the sheet that make a very extreme style of metal that can’t really be pinned down to one thing. They have thrash, black, and death metal ideas in their work, all with a proggy undertone added. Amazingly, this all fits into one EP of only four songs titled Void Curse. It’s their first release, and it’s easy enough to swallow due to the fact that it’s under ten minutes in length; you just may need to visit it a few times...Truly, multiple listens in a row are needed to get all of this, and despite its short length, there’s plenty to gain."
- Indy Metal Vault

"Having already been primed by the fantastically propulsive opening track “Severed Commandment”, it was during my first exposure to the title track that I found myself in one of those great moments of “holy shit what is this awesomeness I’m hearing”..."
- BlessedAltarZine

" ..continues with "Rude" with the same murderous vein, made up of dry and neurotic rhythms, some old style solos and barrel-beating reminiscent of a certain end-80s thrash metal evoking a Sepultura of 'Schizophrenia'. It closes with the furious blows of "Funeral Rust" and a chorus that seems to approach a more hysterical version of the first Testament. 'Void Curse' is a particular work to which perhaps give a chance. "
- The Pit Of The Damned - Il Pozzo Dei Dannati

Long-time disciples of the dank, ominous corners of the Cleveland metal and hardcore scene, the forces in Atomic Witch are violently vomiting forth their debut EP Void Curse unto the ears of the unassuming masses.

After years of decaying and rotting inside a mental prison, taking various forms and shape shifting in the shadows, the spectral limbs necessary to form this abomination have been forcefully stitched together and their horrific corpse can at long last move.

Conjuring up the caustic, battery acid aggression and ghostly wails of early black and thrash with the pummeling, tremolo, chainsaw gunfire of death metal, Atomic Witch do not seek to worship any one scene or time period.

Atomic Witch is not here for entertainment.

Atomic Witch wants danger.

Atomic Witch wants your blood.

For fans of Extol, Tourniquet, Repulsion, Sepultura

released August 30, 2019


Music by: Atomic Witch
Recorded and mastered by: Noah Buchanan of
Mercinary Studios in Cleveland, Ohio
Recorded Drums: Jake Dick @jakedickdrums
Artwork by: Greg Martinis @greg.fate aka Gorg in the Morgue

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